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The Home Reporter System

The HOME REPORTER SYSTEM is a 281-page homeowners manual with 80 pictures and diagrams. Since it complies with the standards set forth by (ASHI) AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HOME INSPECTORS, The HOME REPORTER is the backup material for your inspection report as well as a reference. We encourage you to read it carefully. This book can be used for the rest of your life with any home you own. A glossary of terms, improvement and approximate repair cost figures are found in THE HOME REPORTER SYSTEM book.

The on-site inspection is performed by Mr. Friend, president of Friendly Home Inspection Services, Inc. He is very well informed with over 30 years experience in all fields of construction. He will go through the property with you and not only inspect but he will also give you very valuable information about the workings of your house as well as how to get the most out of your investment. You are advised to bring along a notepad so you can write down all the helpful hints and bits of wisdom which his clients always find so helpful. The results of the inspection are recorded on the inspection report. Used properly, this system will tell what is there, what the inspector observed, what problems were found, and the estimated cost of repairs. Plus, you receive your report at the site.

This is not the time to be in a hurry.

We encourage you to accompany Mr. Friend through the house so your questions may be answered. Mr. Friend wants you to ask questions. Since questions are encouraged, you will find Bill to be very patient and will take as long as he sees fit to inspect the property. He knows that this is a critical time in the home buying process. A proper inspection of any home takes time. If you seem on edge or in a hurry, Mr. Friend will tell you the same thing he tells all of his clients, "This is not the time to be in a hurry."

In today's booming market, many homes have more than one contract on them. This being the case, we know how important it is for you and your agent to release the home inspection contingency as soon as possible. This is one of the many reasons we use the HOME REPORTER SYSTEM. It enables your inspector to prepare the report at the site so your contingencies can be removed right then and there. Always tell your realtor to bring a contingency release form to the site as well.

We believe the HOME REPORTER SYSTEM to be the best available. It goes beyond the on-site analysis of the property. It provides a physical inspection of the property, written report, and a homeowners manual on maintenance and upkeep, life expectancies, advantages and disadvantages of products used in the construction of your prospective home. Best of all, it's written in layman's terms so it's easily understood. What's the use in getting an inspection if you can't understand the report?

The written report/narrative tells the limitations of the inspection, description of the systems and products, and the observations of the inspector. Estimated cost of repairs, if provided, are rough assumptions of the cost of returning or upgrading an item or system to proper condition. Repair costs vary widely with the quality of the repairs and from contractor to contractor. The estimated amount is a guideline figure and may be correct only in order of magnitude. Included in the report is a contract stating what is inspected and what is not.

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