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Who Can You Trust?

Many thousands of clients have put their trust in Bill Friend since 1988.

Bill (State Certified Home Inspector, a Certified Mold Inspector and Certified in Infrared Scanning) is the founder and president of Friendly Home Inspection Services, Inc. and a life-long resident of the Fredericksburg area. Many of our clients are repeat customers. Many more are referred by our past clients. The fact is, most of our business comes directly from referrals. We are proud to have that type of following. We believe Bill Friend to be the key to that success. For that reason, Bill Friend performs all of the home inspections in this area personally.

Bill has a way of putting everything in perspective. As a good communicator, he can explain the difference between a problem typically seen in a home as opposed to one which is abnormal and could cause further damage to the home and erosion of your pocketbook. He won't just tell you, however, he'll write it down and document it for you. Bill knows that most of us don't have a pocket full of money after we settle on what we thought was "the house of our dreams." That's why he takes his time, inspects the house from top to bottom, documents his findings and fills out the report on the premises. You leave the property with the entire report, a full understanding of what it is you are spending your hard earned money on and, best of all, The HOME REPORTER SYSTEM

Bill finds that by giving each of his clients the HOME REPORTER SYSTEM, most questions are answered simply by looking them up in the HOME REPORTER MANUAL. But he is always happy to hear from clients to answer any addditional questions or concerns they may have. This manual, his clients tell him, is easy to follow, in layman's terms and extremely comprehensive, in addition to providing a helpful resource for problems they may encounter in the future. Bill is glad to tell you that he is the only home inspector in the area who has earned the exclusive rights to this prestigious reporting system.

Bill Friend works for you.

He gives an unbiased opinion on the condition of your future purchase. That's exactly what you need. He gives you just the information you require in order to make a responsible decision.

Bill gives you information you can count on!

The only way an inspector can give you that kind of information is if he has a solid background and working knowledge of his field. Bill Friend brings over 40 years of experience to the table -- experience in all phases of construction. He has personally performed many thousands of home inspections. Forty years of hands- on experience in the field allowed him to hold top level executive positions with some of the largest builders in the nation. His experiences are not limited to residential construction. He is also trained in commercial estimating and project management.

Product knowledge is key to becoming a well-rounded home inspector. Bill has visited many of the plants which manufacture the materials used in the production of homes. He believes in continuing education. He often passes this knowledge on in the form of an e-mail Newsletter to his past clients.

Bill seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to finding problems in the homes he inspects. He doesn't dwell on cosmetic problems. That's not what you should be hiring him to do. Instead, he points out the major problems.

Bill always says, "The reason I know so much about what not to do is because I've learned from the many mistakes I've made while building homes in the past." Bill gives you the opportunity to take his findings and present them to the seller for future negotiations. This type of information can be worth much more than the mere price of a typical home inspection.

Even if he finds nothing wrong, (very rarely), his clients leave the home knowing they have done well and will be moving into a safe and happy home. Clients also leave knowing they must maintain that property to keep it in good condition. The HOME REPORTER SYSTEM is full of maintainence information on all the various systems of your new or used home. That is why it is important to take notes while you are with Bill and later, go over the report and the manual. You will leave the inspection knowing more about the house than you ever thought you would. Most importantly, clients leave thanking Mr. Friend for taking the time to explain the intricate workings of their substantial investment.

Bill is a member of the Rappahannock Rotary Club. He is often seen cleaning up highways, fixing up homes of local citizens in need, ringing the Salvation Army Bell at Christmas, flipping pancakes on the Annual Pancake Day , working at the Fredericksburg Heritage Festival, or leading a hot game of BINGO at one of the local retirement homes in the area.

When Bill was on the board of (CVHC) The Central Virginia Housing Coalition, he was responsible for organizing one of the largest fundraising events in the Fredericksburg area. Along with hundreds of willing volunteers Bill spent over 1,600 hours of his time helping organize this wonderful fund raiser.


Bill served as the very first HEAD DUCK. This event was a huge success. Funds from that event have raised many thousands of dollars for the less fortunate citizens of this community. Bill Friend and Friendly Home Inspection Services, Inc. even donated a $2,500.00 cash prize to the 2nd place winner of one of the events.

Bill also served as a project coordinator for the local Christmas In April foundation.

Bill has appeared on local TV and Radio stations. He has also been a speaker at Mary Washington College. The Free Lance Star, a local newspaper, has featured Bill and Friendly Home Inspections not once, but numerous times in past years.

We just wanted to give you an insight as to the type of person you would be meeting on your next home inspection. Please call us today if you want the best inspector with the longest track record in the area, but don't just take our word for it. Check with mortgage companies, law firms, banks, Rotary, or some of the many Realtors in the area. We think you will hear the name Bill Friend come up over and over again.

Thank you for checking in on us. Check out some of the other areas in our web page. We are constantly adding items of interest for you, so check in frequently for updates.

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