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Who Can You Trust?

Many thousands of clients have put their trust in Bill Friend since 1988.

Many of our clients are repeat customers. We are proud to have that type of following. We believe Bill Friend to be the key to that success.

If you need an inspection, all you have to do is call us. Call 540-842-1566. If Mr. Friend is out on an inspection, leave a message. In the message, tell us who you are and a number where you can be reached. Mr. Friend will be paged immediately and return your call. Don't be surprised if he calls you from an attic or a crawl space. Bill carries a phone with him at all times.

Please remember that if Mr. Friend is inspecting some ones home for them, he is on their time. He will call you as quickly as he can.

Schedule an appointment now. Call: 540-842-1566

Information we need to set up your appointment

  • Your name
  • Phone numbers
  • Address of the property
  • When you need the inspection performed
  • Which realtor you have hired if any and contact information for him or her

Items to bring with you for the inspection

  • Bring a notepad
  • Bring some old clothes if you want to follow the inspector around during the inspection.
  • Bring a camera or video camera if you want
  • Bring your check book. Mr. Friend as well as most inspectors should receive payment at the time of the inspection.

Things your realtor needs to do:

  • Arrange for us to gain access to the house on the date and time of the inspection.
  • Make sure ALL utilities are turned on for the inspection.
  • Whenever possible, ask that the owners vacate the premises during the time of the inspection.
  • Even if utilities are on, the realtor should make sure all appliances are hooked up, breakers are on at the panel box, pilot lights are lit, water main at the house is turned on and water to all fixtures on. (Inspectors cannot turn on pilots, valves, or breakers which are off at the time he enters the premises.)
  • It's nice to have a list of all items the owner wants left on, turned off, locked or unlocked when we leave the premises but not mandatory.